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2 MJ, both paid, getting "expired number" on one d

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:14 pm    Post subject: 2 MJ, both paid, getting "expired number" on one d

OK, so I was an early (ish) adopter- I have the following devices:

An original, chrome-case, non-Plus, Magicjack. The type that requires a computer to be running.
This was my first MJ, and so the account uses that number as username when I login to the website to manage accounts.
This is a 210 area code, works fine. I can make calls as I wish, no issues.
(let's call it the "Texas account" for clarity going forward)

I also have the original "Plus" version. It's an 843 number, and I manage it via the above account (not realizing when I activated the device, that having two on an account would be a huge PITA).
When I go to dial a number on that, I get "a phone number on your account has expired. Please go to the website to manage your account".
It receives incoming calls without a problem
(let's call this the SC line going forward)

I went there over the weekend- I had a number portability fee to pay for the 843 area code number (about $11). Paid it. I also needed to pay roughly $33 per line to bring things up to current (we use our home line VERY seldom, my bad). I paid both of those as well....

Still getting the error.

I go to the management page, I see that all of the payment went through. Approximately $75, all paid in full. I go to "Phone Numbers/View-Renew-Add" and see the following:

SC line: shows "renews 28MAR15". Number Status shows "Expired 12/23/2013". But yet I paid number port fees on 28MAR14.

TX line: shows "expires 28MAR15". Number status shows "Renews with device".

To recap: the TX line works just fine.
The SC line, when dialing out I get a message before it'll place the call (see above). Then it will place the call after a short delay. Incoming works just fine.

I've also received "911 Fee" emails from MJ for both of these lines. About a $12 fee for each, wonder if the fact I haven't paid those yet may be the issue?

I have plugged both devices into a computer (this one) separately to allow them to get all their updates.

I click the "renews with device" link, and it takes me to a site that doesn't do anything more than show me each device is up for renewal on 28MAR15.

The MJ website, frankly, sucks. Their Support is even worse. If you say ANYTHING that isn't in keeping with the script, they shut you down. Absolutely unacceptable- and you can't reach anyone to talk to.

Other than the lack of TS, I like the service. But that's become a deal killer now- I just want to be able to pick up the damn phone and make a call without it sounding like I am not paying my bills.
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