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Today My Thinner Went On Wireless With MagicJack

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:15 pm    Post subject: Today My Thinner Went On Wireless With MagicJack


After I have enough confidence that this Thin Client of mine, t5710 and all
the necessary hardware and software upgrade, and working cool, not warm
but warmth, it's time to go to its intended destination - in my garage.

Before proceeding further, I would like to thank the good people that populate
this forum. Names like Heritage227, HolmanGT, with his colorful language, Stroths,
Stewart, and others. I did not know anything about Thin Client, but with their postings
and articles that I read and followed deligently, I learned a lot.

Moving along...I opened up my router at //192.168....etc (no I didn't use a
screwdriver). Now I dug up my old Linksys USB Network Adapter 802,11b and copied
the Mac address and added it beneath the one I already have in my wireless network.
I also took note of the WEP code to enter to the Linksys when its ready. I Removed
the ethernet cable from the Thin Client.

I plugged in the Linksys to one of USB ports on the t5710 and got acknowledged. Now it's
time to install the driver from the installation disk using my USB drive. Lucky I got one, hi...
After the driver was installed, the Wireless Zero Configuration icon appeared at the bottom
tray next to the ethernet icon. I right clicked the icon and a pop-up appeared, I cliked on the
"View Additional Wireless Network Available". We all do this operation all the time and know
what to expect on the next screen. But this time was just a blank screen with a dialog that
says "Windows Can Not Configure Your Wireless Network" the WZC is not activated. Something
like that. That's the reason I posted this article for reference. On regular PC WZC it is always
running and ready. On Xpe, off is the default. We have to turn it on and do a COMMIT.

1. Open the Control Panel
2. Double click the Administrive Tools
3. Double click the Component Services
4, Maximize the screen double click the Services (Local)
5. Bring the screen down all the way and right click the
Wireless Zero C....icon WZC is third from the bottom. Click on Properties. On the Start type
select Automatic then click Apply.
6. At the top left click the Start the service. When it's finish, close
all the screens for a clear desktop.

Now I right clicked the WZC icon on the tray, clicked the "View Additional Wireless Network
Available" The new screen appeared with 4 or 5 networks with varying strength.
My Wireless Network always appeared at the top. I clicked anywhere in my network and it turn
blue and I clicked CONNECT at the lower part of the screen. Now its time to enter the WEP key
on the Network Key Box and on the Confirm Key. Close the screen and look at the WZC icon
doing its thing. Just to make sure everything okay, I opened the browser and HP page appeared.
I went down on the dark blue icon and did a last COMMIT. I did a restart and watched the WZC
icon with a yellow dot going around it. It was a successful installation. Now my wireless thinner
is confortably settled at its intended location in the garage doing its thing.

I would have installed by removable flash drive and copied the WEP Key and flashed it on the confirm
key dialog. Of course that's what I did. And so to folks that want to make a wireless thin client,
the first thing to do is start the Wireless Zero Configuration, make a commit and restart.
Some of the statements I wrote here are from memory. Hopefully the're okay.


This is another topic:
If you have problem installing the application you downloaded from the internet that a pop-up
message is saying that you can not proceed on the installation because of a missing a CRTDLL.DLL?

It happened to me several times . Some software like Yahoo Messenger did not install.
Go to this website and download the crtdll.dll. By the way not all crtdll.dll are the same.
The download from this site is not in zip it gives you the icon. Just drag the icon to
System32 folder on Windows.

By the way, I have another t5710 in my computer room. I use it for the news most of the time.
Its fast. Better than my overloaded HP Compaq Presario. Bye.
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