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Updated Instructions for Setting Up a WYSE 9450XE for MJ

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:22 pm    Post subject: Updated Instructions for Setting Up a WYSE 9450XE for MJ

Update of previous instructions to add text for disabling LAN power mgmt and notes
on the boot sequence.   These instructions worked as of 9/15/2010.  Parts of the text are
my own and parts are stolen from other threads.

I strongly recommend attaching the MagicJack to an external powered USB hub rather
than directly to the 9450xe (If it doesn't come with a A/C wall plug, it's not the
right kind!).  My first 9450 lasted about a year with the MagicJack plugged
directly into a USB port before the port failed (perhaps because it was a 1.x level USB
port with less power than current 2.0 ports).  The failure apparently burned out the
internal hub since neither port would work after that point.   I have had NO problem
running a MJ through a powered hub. 

You're going to need more than 256MB of ram.   I tried to run with only 256MB
of ram but it resulted in Windows repeatedly running out of memory followed by
automatic shutdowns.  I upgraded to 512MB of ram and the problem vanished.  You
may be able to get away with 384MB of ram (I didn't test that config).

Regarding the flash, its been well documented on this forum that the flash must be at
least 512mb or the OS and MJ software will not both fit.

As long as your unit doesn't need to be reflashed or reloaded with XPe
these instructions should work (even if you're stuck with the dreaded
"attached phone wont dial" problem due to a previous install failure).
If the unit needs reflashing or Xpe reloaded see

1.  Attach a display, keyboard and mouse to the unit.  (USB keyboards will work
    if "USB Keyboard Support" is "Enabled" under "Integrated Peripherals" in 
    the Bios, otherwise you'll have to dig up an old PS2 keyboard)

2.  Boot to Bios  (hold down Delete key during power-on) 

    a. Login with pw='Fireport'  If that password dosen't work you'll need to reset it
       by opening the case and removing the round, quarter sized CMOS battery for a few minutes
       and then replace it.

    b. Under "Standard CMOS Features" set the value for "Halt On" to "All, but keyboard".
       (This will allow the unit to boot without a keyboard.)   
    c. Under "Power Management Setup" Set "AC Loss Auto Restart" to ENABLED.  This will
       allow the device to boot up automatically after a power outage.  No need to press
       the yellow power button.
    d. Under "Advanced Bios Features" make sure the First, Second, and Third boot devices
       are set to "LAN", "CDROM", and "HDD-0" respectively.  Note: I tried changing the
       order to put HDD-0 first but this resulted in a non-usable network connection
       such that Internet Explorer and the MJ could not see the internet.  It may be
       that this issue is peculiar to my unit and would not occur for everyone.

    e. Hit PF10 to save and exit to XP boot.

3.  After XP desktop appears:  Log in as administrator

       (id=administrator  pw=Administrator), if that doesnt work, try

       (id=Administrator  pw=Administrator),
        if that doesnt work, ask the person who sold you the unit for the admin
        login, otherwise you may need to reimage the OS. (see

    If windows booted to the desktop WITHOUT requiring login and you don't see two
    desktop icons that look like a red and green round dots,  windows has auto logged
    in as a non-Admin user.  If this is the case, hold the ctrl-shift keys down while clicking 
    Start->Shutdown->Logoff.  This should bring up a login panel.
    Login as an admin with the id and pw given above.

4.  Disable the "Write filter" by clicking on the red circle icon on the desktop.  This
    will cause a reboot.
    After reboot,  log in again as administrator (see step 3).
    (if all is well, a red dot should appear in the lower right corner of the screen).

(at this point, changes to the XP configuration will be permanently saved)

5.  Setup auto login as the administrator.  Click on Settings> Control Panel> WinLog  to bring up the
    auto-login panel.  Enter the id and pw from step 3.

6.  Disable power saving features of USB and LAN interfaces
    a. Click Start, click Run, type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. The Device Manager window opens.   
    b. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    c. Right-click a USB Root Hub in the list, and then click Properties. The USB Root Hub Properties
       dialog box is displayed.
    d. Click the Power Management tab.
    e. Click to clear the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box,
       and then click OK.
    f. Repeat steps c through e for each USB Root Hub in the list.

    g. Expand Network Adapters.
    h. Right click VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter and select "Properties".
    i. Click the Power Management tab.
    j. Click to clear the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box,
       and then click OK.
    k. On the Action menu, click Scan for hardware changes.
    l. Close the Device Manager window.

7.  Delete Citrix & Sun JAVA software. Uninstall it in Control Panel & delete the left over
    folders in Program Files.

    Optional: To get remote access to the client and avoid keyboard and monitors install
              teamviewer from and set to log in before windows and give
              it a set password.

(At this point I'm assuming the correct audio driver is missing since it was missing
 on my unit which had been recently reset to factory defaults.)

8.  Download and unzip the following device driver file to a drive (or memory stick) that the client
    has access to:
         (First click "Free User" then "Download".)

9.  Plug in the Magicjack (preferably through a powered USB Hub!!). This should cause a wizard to get
    launched for New USB hardware detected.

10  If you DONT see the wizard launched for a New USB hardware device detected, go to step 12. 

11. Select “Install from a list or specific location” (do not let windows search for the driver)
    Navigate to the "USBAudio.Driver" folder created in step 8 and complete the driver install.     

    (This should complete without starting the MagicJack softphone application. )

    Go to step 13.

12. If you did not see the wizard launched for a new USB device detected, and instead, the MagicJack
    softphone appears but doesn't allow an attached phone to dial, then MJ was previously
    installed without the right drivers and that installation needs to be repaired or completely
    First try a, if that doesnt work try b.
      a.  With the Magic Jack attached, Run Device Manager (Start>Run> type "devmgmt.msc" enter). 
          You should see a yellow question mark "?" next to an entry like "Internet phone by TigerJet". 
          Right click on that entry and select "update driver". 
          Then go to step 11.

     < OR >

      b.  We're going to completely remove all MJ software and registry values...

         b1. Unplug the MagicJack from the 9450 and use Control Panel > "Add Remove Software"
             to delete the application.
         (If you are uncomforable changing the registry, get an experienced PC geek to help with these steps)

         b2. Back up the registry. If you dont know how, consult a PC geek or online resource.
         b3. Run "regedit" and do "Edit -> Find" to find all items matching "Magicjack"
             Delete all items it finds (Use PF3 repeatedly to find the next item).
                 This may require changing the permissions on the items first so that they
                 can be deleted. (left click on item and select "permissions"). 
         b4. Repeat the "Find" operation for "Tigerjet" and delete all items found. 
               (Use PF3 repeatedly to find the next item)
         b5. Exit the Device Manager.
         When finished go to step 9. 

13. Reboot to complete the install. After reboot it will upgrade to the newest magicjack software
    and should come up ready to use.

14. When the unit has rebooted and the MagicJack software has displayed the Softphone dialing panel,
    click the "Menu" button on the upper left of the panel and select Volume/Headset Control. If its
    not already set to "telephone" you should be able to select the telephone button at this point.

14. Enable the write filter by clicking the round green circular icon on the desktop. This forces a reboot.

16. The thin client is now setup for the magicjack.  Assuming you made all the Bios changes correctly,
    you can remove the keyboard, mouse, and display and power cycle the 9450 and it should boot
    automatically without having to press the yellow "On" button and without an attached keyboard.

=============== END OF INSTRUCTIONS ===============================


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:38 pm    Post subject:

Nicely done.

The HP instructions are stickied. It would be great if the same thing could be done for Wyse.
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